John Cusack & Samuel L Jackson


Based on the terrifying story by Stephen King


Rotten Tomatoes

1408 is a genuinely creepy thriller with a strong lead performance by John Cusack. 79%


An innovative horror film. 68%


Every beat of the film is weighted with significance, and our mounting dread becomes almost intolerable. 64%

Cinema Blend

Never has a King size bed had such an air of imminent menace, never has a mint on a pillow seemed so, well, evil. 80%


This is the official for the hit film 1408, directed by Mikael Håfström and featuring the stellar performances of John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. This film tells the story of skeptical writer Mike Enslin (John Cusack), whose various investigations lead him to visit various “haunted” hotels. After receiving an anonymous tip regarding Dolphin Hotel’s room 1408, Enslin’s agent insists that he must visit this room to see what the fuss is about and write about it. After a few setbacks, Gerald Olin (Samuel L. Jackson) finally lets Enslin inspect the room, after thoroughly warning him of the murders and deaths that had occurred in that same place, and that he wouldn’t last even an hour by himself. In the room, Enslin records every disturbing and paranormal thing he experiences in an audio recorder he carries in his person, which include a conversation with his dead daughter, a window slamming down on his hand, the room suddenly descending into sub-zero temperatures, getting flooded by an endless stream of water spouting furiously from a painting of a ship in a storm, and so on. The movie ends with Mike surviving the ordeal and convincing himself that it was just a terrible nightmare, only to find his recorder much later and listening to the conversation he had with his daughter, which confirmed that all he went through was real.
John Cusack as Mike Enslin

John Cusack

As the author Mike Enslin
Samuel L. Jackson as Gerald Olin

Samuel L. Jackson

As Hotel Manager Gerald Olin
Mary McCormack as Lily Enslin

Mary McCormack

As Lily Enslin

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Horror Movies – Amazingly Frightening And Gut-Wrenching, We Love It!

For something that’s supposed to scare us away, we sure can’t get our eyes off of every new installment of Silent Hill, Saw or any other movie in the Horror genre. In this article I’ll try to explain why. Halloween has long since passed. It has been a couple of months since we got to see all those frightening vampires, spooky ghosts, and scary skeletons waltzing around the neighborhood going door-to-door is search of sugary delights. But besides this light-hearted side of Halloween, there exists a much darker aspect, filled with haunted houses, wild parties, and gory-themed movie nights. And speaking of which, horror movies have come a long way, from the “silent scarers” of the early 1900’s to the gratuitous violence in today’s horror scene. But one thing they have in common is that they always scare the crap out of us! But even though they make us feel horrible, impotent and afraid for our lives, we still can’t get enough of these horror flicks. If you aren’t into horror movies, then you might be asking yourself about what makes them so attractive to some people, in this article, we hope to give some valuable insight on what compels certain types of persons to subject themselves to these scare-fests that last for up to two hours at a time. For starters, the phenomenon that makes people watch horror movies even though they get scared senseless has a nifty name, specifically, Horror Paradox. And it is named like this because it makes no sense from a logical perspective that a (huge) group people would willingly go to a movie theatre to get scared and potentially experience all sorts of conditions, from mild cases of PTSD to straight-up hallucinations and delusions, triggered by lingering sensations of fear.

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Physiology of fear

First, you need to understand that the fear caused by a horror movie is real . Some may dismiss this form of entertainment as harmless fun, but the sensations we experience throughout the film are legitimate. This is because our brain hasn’t quite adapted to modern forms of entertainment, namely, film and TV. So the images we see on the big screen are interpreted by our brain as real, and this prompt a long chain of chemicals reactions in our body that ends in sweaty palms, accelerated heart rate, high blood pressure and lowering of skin temperature. In a sense, it’s like we are actually living the events in the movies; we feel the same way as our daring heroine after getting chased by an axe-murderer for several scenes There is an odd pattern on men who watch horror movies, in that the more afraid they are by the moving images, the prouder they feel after the flick ends, and the more they claim they enjoyed it. This is yet another paradoxical phenomenon that scientists have pinned on the last vestiges of the tribal behavior of our ancestors. You see, in ancient times, a boy’s rite of passage to adulthood was built around hardship; only by braving an unsurmountable ordeal would the young ones be recognized as adults. This has been somewhat transferred to the modern man and manifests in our daily lives. Case in point, the scarier the movie, the better we feel after it’s over.

Psychology of fear

Other theories that try to explain mankind’s fascination with horror movies stems from morbid fascination. Some people –especially teens, often feel the need to rebel, prove to themselves that they are not afraid, and since horror movies are often frowned upon by adults, they are turned into common ways to test their limits. For adults, this is different. Grown-ups are attracted to horror movies because of morbid fascination –the same kind that makes us watch a horrible crash on the highway, or to feel thrilled when we witness a robbery or other crimes. This is a perfectly normal response and doesn’t make us horrible people for acting this way. On the contrary, it is a natural response to be aware of the things that could harm us, hence the attraction to these kinds of events. Another popular theory to explain why people are attracted to horror flicks is that, ironically, they help to cope with everyday fear. This is called immersion and it is a technique of cognitivebehavioral therapy, which consists in exposing the patient to the things he fears, in a safe environment and in increasing levels of intensity. Horror movies perfectly fill these criteria, as they can allow viewers to experience situations that shock or scare them, without the actual consequences that the protagonists suffer, making them stronger in the process. Last but not least, these movies act a pressure valve of sorts for the common viewer. The moviegoer can let out pent-up aggression and feelings of violence through these movies, which act as a sort of cathartic medium. But where horror movies can help to overcome our fears, they can also make them worse. That’s why they are not considered legitimate therapeutic tools; that’s what psychologists and psychiatrists are for, after all!

Effects of fear

That being said, horror movies and fear in general can create a wide array of very real effects on our minds. That’s why it is usually not recommended for children, teens, adults or anyone else, really, to watch horror movies. There will always be a somewhat masochistic tendency present in the people who watch horror movies for fun. But just because they enjoy them, it doesn’t mean that the effects that these images cause are benign, on the contrary, the effects of horror movies in the human psyche can range from sleep disturbances, appearance of phobias, obsessive thoughts about horrible events, among others, and these symptoms often follow the person throughout long periods of time. It is presumed that the emotions caused by horror movies can be stored in the amygdala, which is the structure that plays a great role in generating emotions. These films can produce in the amygdala similar reactions than actual trauma, and the traces may be just as hard to erase. Imagine a child getting scared by a scary clown on TV, and then imagine him growing up with an intense aversion to clowns; that’s the power that horror movies have over our psyche. All in all, horror films are good, for a while, but they shouldn’t be viewed back-to-back because of the negative effects they have on our minds. And children should definitely stay away from them, until they are old and mature enough to properly comprehend what’s going on in the movie.


Haven’t you ever wondered; if horror movies are so scary and nerve-wracking, why are we so attracted to them? It’s like we delight in the predicaments of the protagonists, and can’t get enough until the movie ends. If you’re one of the people that loves horror movies, and yet constantly question their sanity and quality as a human being, then this article is for you. Here you will read all about what makes horror movies so attractive, and the possible psychological effects that come from excessive viewing of these types of films.

About The Author

Juan López is a freelance writer living in Venezuela, and offers all sorts of writing services to any interested parties. You may contact him at his personal email, or on Facebook @wirch007

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